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How does cellophane wrap gift baskets!!!

Author : Date : 2019/1/24 11:56:17
How does cellophane wrap gift baskets!!!
The BOPP plastic film, also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, Commonly known as cellophane”.  It has excellent transparency and rigidity and dampproof , widely used in various packaging.
The cellophane I'm talking about here is used to wrap floral , gift baskets and gift hamper, Decorate gift basket through oneself DIY packaging and collocation, can show sincerity more. Both the cellophane roll and cellophane sheets can be bought in stores or supermarkets.
How does cellophane wrap gift basketsFirst pull the cellophane roll out a certain length, according to the size of your basket, generally 2 times the height plus the diameter of the bottom of the increase of 50cmThen lay the cellophane flat on the table, and put the basket in the middle of the cellophane sheet. (of course, the basket is bedding with Crinkle Shred Paper at the bottom, and you should be ready to put all kinds of gifts in it.)
Lift the 4 corners of the cellophane and tighten the cellophane film.  Attach the hemp roperibbon or POM PULL BOWS to the position of the beam mouth, Then your deluxe present will be wrapped.


Skype: live:gu62715733 QQ: 1830478808